Outdoor and leisure PR – Cyclists feel the fun
09Jul 2012

Pelican PR - Outdoor and leisure PRThe popularity of cycling is well known but what’s less well understood is why more and more people are switching to cycling.

As part of a study for Bike Week, researchers looked at the motivations of active cycling fans and a nationally representative group of cyclists who participate but don’t follow the sport. The results make interesting reading.

While enjoyment and keeping fit are the key motivations for both groups, the active cycling fans are nearly twice as likely to be switched on by environmental reasons and more motivated by the stress-relieving benefits of cycling and the ability to avoid congestion.

However, when it comes to saving money on transport and petrol, the nationally representative group shows a greater appreciation, though still less than the cyclists.

The Cycle to Work scheme on its own shows little motivation for respondents in both groups. It is clear that the desire to cycle must already be in place before consumers take advantage of this scheme.

Pelican PR associate director Richard Truman commented: “If we want to get even more people cycling we need communications campaigns to highlight the elements of fun and stress relief that cycling can deliver.”