An un-green and pleasant land

We’re disappointed to read that Britain is one of the most environmentally cynical nations in the western world with one-in-five people believing climate change is not a serious issue.

These figures are contained in GfK’s Green Gauge Global study and reveals that we are second amongst the top five European markets, one place behind the United States which tops the poll.

The report examined green habits of 36,000 consumers in 25 countries and discovered that a third of UK consumers still don’t consider the environment when making purchasing decisions and three-quarters never look into companies’ green policies. Furthermore, just 18% of people chose green sources of energy for their homes and cars.

However apparently it’s not all bad news for Britain as we are sixth-best for recycling amongst the markets studied with four in five of us also striving to conserve energy in the home. Such progressive environmental behaviour suggests that long-term education can help convert the cynics and open up green goods to a wider market.

We believe this study highlights the size of the task ahead of us. We cannot expect to change behaviour instantly, it will take many years of consistent and effective communications. Campaigns such as stop smoking have required years of investment and the same is true of environmental change.

However new digital communications tools mean we can now have conversations with specific audiences and this is an approach that can pay rich dividends.

The GfK study identifies five distinct types of environmental consumers ranging from the dominant and cynical ‘Jaded’ category, through to the proactive and positive ‘Green in Deeds’. The second largest UK group are the ‘Carbon Cultured’ who believe companies and governments are responsible for taking the lead on the environment while the outwardly environmental ‘Glamour Greens’ come fourth . UK consumers are comparatively well versed in green issues, ‘Green in Needs’ – those who lack environmental knowledge – represent just two per cent of the UK populace.

For more information on the study visit GfK .

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