Get ahead with green cycle helmets

Three students have created a range of disposable green cycle helmets made from recycled newspapers.

Reuters has reported that the new helmets are a response to London’s ‘Boris Bike’ riders, many of whom do not wear helmets.

London students Ed Thomas, Bobby Petersen and Tom Gottelier have created the Paper Pulp Helmet, made from newspapers left abandoned on tube trains. A Reuter’s video explains the process.

Tom commented: “It’s taking the newspapers that we currently see circulating the transport network here in London, which we see on the roads, on the pavements, on the seats in the trains, taking those papers and mulching them up into a paper pulp.”

Organic ingredients are added to make the disposable cycle helmets water resistant for six hours. The mixture is vacuum-formed into shape, heated, and left to dry out. The result is a helmet with deep grooves, allowing a strap to be attached. And Thomas says it can be made at low cost so could be sold for under £1.

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