Going green is good for business

The majority of UK senior executives believe that ‘going green’ is back on the business agenda following years of austerity, according to new research.

More than two-thirds of executives also recognise the importance of investing in green technologies for both environmental and cost cutting reasons, creating a strong case for IT solutions that reduce paper consumption and/or carbon emissions while improving business efficiencies.

The survey of managing directors, financial directors and senior accountants found an overwhelming 98% of respondents felt that the green agenda was once again important to their organisations with 51% of these stating that it was ‘definitely important’. It is once again believed that businesses benefit from going green.

Only 1% of respondents felt that the green agenda was unimportant to their companies with a further one per cent stating that they were ‘unsure’ whether it was important or not.

Although more than two thirds of survey respondents (70%) felt the economic recession had a dampening effect on the amount their organisations invested in green technologies, the outlook is now more positive.

The correlation between ‘going green’ and cutting costs was championed by 89% of survey respondents, all of whom agreed that IT solutions, such as document management software, could reduce companies’ negative impact on the environment and improve business efficiencies.

Only 10% of respondents did not believe that green technologies could also deliver financial rewards with one per cent stating that they were? Unsure? about the business benefits of going green.

Michael Bennett of specialist environmental PR and communications consultancy Pelican Communications said: “After a long period when environmental issues slipped down the corporate agenda, it’s good to see a renewed recognition of the importance of positive environmental action.

“Only time will tell if these intentions are transferred into concrete action.”

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