More gas please

The UK needs more than 100 additional advanced gasification power plants to be built by 2030, according to a market study.

CHO Power, which published the report, said the increase is necessary if the UK is to meet EU renewable energy targets.

The report says 650 extra plants were also needed across Western Europe, Poland, and Scandinavia. It says the UK will make up more than 16% of the market by 2013: “This ranks the UK as one of the most attractive markets in Europe, sustained by landfill costs and the virtuous Renewable Obligation system which has recently confirmed its support to the gasification technology”.

The CHO Power study suggests the additional renewable electricity capacity to be installed between 2015 and 2030 is 19,649 megawatt electrical (MWe); from which 6,501 MWe could be produced by advanced gasification technologies.

All this new capacity may be necessary but whether it gets built is a different issue. With communities increasingly adept at opposing planning applications for new waste treatment facilities, developers are going to need to invest heavily in effective and meaningful consultation.

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