Let your teens explore the kitchen

Despite the popularity of TV food programmes, it appears that not everyone has got the cookery bug according to the latest research from Mintel that reveals just 30% of young adults in the kitchen feel confident.

The survey shows that only three in 10, 16-24-year-olds feel confident in the kitchen, compared to 39% on average of UK adults. What is more, 16% of those aged 16-24 perceive cooking as stressful, compared to 11% on average.

And despite the best intentions, it looks like parental love is not preparing the nation’s children to fly solo, with British parents continuing to play chef for their offspring, even when they live away from home. Almost one fifth (16%) of those aged 16-24 who live in a house or flat share continue to have their meals cooked for them by parents or guardians, as do 15% of those living in student accommodation.

The findings may reflect the lack of culinary experience of 16-24s in cooking using fresh, raw ingredients with just 27% of 16-24s cooking from scratch most days, compared with 54% of over-55s. What is more, over two thirds (68%) of 16-24s eat prepared meals (such as ready meals, pizza or soup) more than once a week.

And it also seems that washing up puts off Brits from cooking, with one in five (19%) adults choosing to cook a meal according to the amount of washing up its preparation generates.

Michael Bennett of specialist food PR and communications consultancy Pelican said: “Not only is cooking a great pleasure for many people, culinary skills are an important element of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Unless there is a significant increase in cookery skills amongst young people, there will be a growing demand for healthy and easy to prepare meal solutions – a great opportunity for food manufacturers.”

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