What’s in store for food and packaging marketing and PR in 2017? 6 of 6

As one of the UK’s leading food and drink marketing agencies, we’re constantly looking at the trends that will affect food marketing and packaging PR.

So, during the last few weeks of 2016 we’ll be making our predictions about the 2017 trends that will affect food producers and processors, packaging and distribution companies as well as grocery and foodservice in the year ahead.

We’ll also be highlighting the steps you should take to adapt your marketing and PR activity to take account of these trends and maximise the opportunities they present.

In the sixth of the series we look at British food and drink brands. Look out for further instalments of food marketing and packaging PR predictions.

Cool Britannia – British food brands set to shine in 2017

The Government and Industry will start flying the flag for British food and drink.

The weakening pound has already given British exports a boost, but expect to see a lot more of the Union Jack during 2017.

Many growers, food brands and retailers will seek to push their British credentials in the wake of Brexit, as consumers feel a renewed sense of Britishness.

Exports and branding were one of the four themes of the Government’s 25 year Food and Farming plan announced earlier in the year. January also saw the creation of the Great British Food Unit with a brief to help companies export more, and support more entrepreneurs to start exporting for the first time.

Since Brexit Defra has launched an International Action Plan for Food and Drink which is designed to boost the sector’s exports by £2.9 billion.

At the launch in October, International Trade Minister, Mark Garnier, said: “The Government has put trade at the heart of its agenda with the creation of the Department for International Trade and we are working hard to help UK companies take advantage of the global demand for British goods and services. This ambitious new plan shows the strength of our commitment to boosting UK food and drink exports around the world.”

Scottish and, to a lesser extent Welsh and Northern Irish food producers, have been exporting successfully for many years. Whilst the weaker pound will certainly help food exporters, finding overseas customers can be a time consuming and challenging process and many English businesses will need to play catch-up. Don’t expect too much too quickly.

Expect to see: Additional support at international food exhibitions, the Union Jack, Bowler hats, red buses, roast beef and Yorkshire puds.

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