8 tips for video that boost your Google ranking

If a picture paints a thousand words, then video is worth a million.

Video is now one of the most consumed forms of digital content. YouTube is the default search engine for many millennials and Facebook places uploaded video content firmly at the top of the visibility list in its new algorithm.

Video keeps people engaged for longer and is a more powerful way of generating a higher SEO ranking with Google than plain text pages. While statistics from Syndacast show 74% of all internet traffic in 2017 will be video.

Once making a video was very expensive, but now nearly everyone has access to a device, that, with some thought can deliver real results for your brand.

So given the importance of video, how can you create a short film that grabs and holds the attention of your viewer and drives your ranking on YouTube and Google?

Below are eight secrets for creating a powerful video that drives your Google ranking.

  1. Plan

If you’re going to the effort of making a video then commit the necessary time for planning and scripting your story.

Quality videos don’t happen by accident. They’re created with pre-production planning. The following are a must:

  • Shot list – list all the different shots you need
  • Story board – draw out a simple drawing of any complex shots or transitions
  • Prop list per scene
  • B-roll – additional footage that will make your story come to life when it’s time to edit.
  1. Know your audience

You should produce your film for a specific audience. So think who you are targeting. How old are they? What jobs to they do? What are the subjects that will interest them? How will they benefit from watching your video?

All of this is simple, but tends to be overlooked. Don’t assume you know what your market wants and needs. Research it.

  1. WIFM – what’s in it for me?

Make sure viewers know in the first five to 10 seconds exactly why they should keep watching. Tell them, and show them the benefits they’ll get from watching your video.

  1. Be energetic

People who demonstrate passion and energy on camera are more likely to hold a viewer’s attention than monotone and dull presenters. So pick the most energetic member of your team as your presenter since they’re more likely to be the most engaging for the viewer.

If it’s your first time in front of the camera, try speaking a bit louder than normal and be animated with your body language. It will feel strange in front of the camera, but can create a more engaging video.

  1. Tool-up

Use the best equipment you can afford. Simple things like a lapel microphone, a teleprompter and some proper lighting can make a real difference to the quality of your video. Some items are cheap, others can be expensive but are available to hire. The more professional your film looks the more likely people are to be engaged.

  1. Create a look and feel

Try and create a ‘look and feel’ to your videos so viewers instantly know this is content they value. Simple things like being consistent with music and graphics will mean you can quickly build-up a suite of films with the same look and feel. You can even create your own branded channel on YouTube.

  1. Make it available

Make sure as many people as possible can see the results of your hard work, put it on your site, on YouTube and link it to other content on your website and social media streams. Also use tools like email and newsletters to let your audience know the video is ready to view.

  1. Optimise

Ensure you get maximum exposure for your video and also drive your Google ranking by using keywords people are searching for in your headline and tags. Use Google’s keyword tool to help determine if your word selection is popular. Look for at least 10,000 global monthly searches with “low competition.”

Check out our Pelivision video content to see examples of how we have used video.

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