The average adult attention span is 2.8 seconds – but try and stick with us!

A new study by the International News Media Association has shown that the average adult attention span is 2.8 seconds. So in theory you are probably already bored of this article and want to move onto the next.

For communications agencies this new piece of research highlights the need to generate creative content that is attention-grabbing and to the point.

This key research also highlights the importance of investing in the social media platform Twitter, as it takes roughly 2.8 seconds to read a tweet (140 characters).

So getting to the point?

What does this mean for content? A study conducted by Ipsos showed that 61% of online sharers share interesting things; 43% share funny things and 29% share content that is unique.

Therefore it needs to be to the point and in bite-sized pieces.

If you have seen a blog post about a particular topic you need to think how is mine going to be different? Consumers don’t have the time to read through a lengthy article, and with content being shared across a variety of platforms it needs to be worth sharing. This is why sites such as Buzzfeed and Mashable are so successful – strong images, animated GIFs and easy to read content is the winning combination.

Top tips:

  • Include a call to action – do you want them to share, comment or click through to another page?
  • Identify what message are you trying to send out
  • Include either visually appealing content or interactive content that can be easily shared
  • Imagery is key – make sure you have an eye catching featured image or video still
  • Don’t forget to add share buttons at the bottom of your content. You want people to share your content, so make it easy for them.

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