5 ways to identify influential bloggers

Susie Bubble, Lily Melrose, Jack Monroe, Tyler Oakley, Jack and Finn Harries, Sally Whittle?

Whether you’ve heard of them or not, these are some of the most influential bloggers in the UK right now. Whether you’re looking for a fashion blogger, a foodie, life blogger or even a Vlogger, they are out there, and with the right tools and approach, they will promote your brand.

Why should you work with influential bloggers?

The question is why shouldn’t you? Bloggers can help promote your brand in ways that traditional communications won’t allow. It allows for third-party endorsements that are genuine, and which get seen by thousands of potential customers, that all hang on the bloggers every word.

Many bloggers won’t promote products they don’t believe in, and if they do, the likelihood is their blog isn’t that good. So make sure you are working with bloggers that share the same target audience as you, and think about the fun ways you can work together with them. Here are a few great examples:

Domestic Goddesque and Warbutons

Who’s the mummy and Skoda

5 inch and up and Barbour International

Zoella and Superdrug

So how do you know if they are influential?

There are a number of different ways you can check to see how influential a blogger is but most importantly check their social reach, authority and blog strength.

1. Social reach: To measure the reach of your potential blogger it’s important to see what social media platforms they are on and how many followers they have. As a general rule a successful blogger will have strong engagement and be working across a variety of different platforms.

Websites such as Tweetchup are great to analyse bloggers social channels as they provide you with data such as their engagement, retweets and social strength.

2. Authority: To measure the authority of social channels, tools such as Klout, Social Mention and Sprout Social are very helpful. The sites allow you to see if the bloggers are a trusted source of information and have a strong following. It does cross over with social reach in some aspects; however it provides you with a strong idea about how influential the blogger is.

3. Blog strength: It’s important to measure the strength of a blog, especially if you want them to link back to your site! A site’s domain authority is extremely important, as it will help with link juice and moving your page up the rankings. A great free site checker is OpenSiteExplorer.

4. Brand match: Your audience has to suit the blogger’s audience. It’s that simple. Make sure you read their blog and keep up to date with their features and formats. This will help you when pitching ideas, and also being able to personalise messages. A useful online tool is Bloggabase.

5. Media profile: As bloggers/vloggers become more prominent, more and more of them are getting a surprising amount of media coverage. The current face of YouTube, Zoella, is regularly featured in magazines and newspapers alike, highlighting her success. Make sure you look at what other people are saying about them, not just their audience.

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