The rise of vlogger relations

YouTube is the fastest growing video sharing website in the world and the second largest search engine after Google, so it’s no surprise that brands are starting to target the most popular YouTubers and vloggers with endorsement deals.

With some of the most popular vloggers gaining over 5 million subscribers and millions of views per video, they become great targets for brands. From videos on everything from make-up tutorials to game reviews, they provide brands the opportunity to really get their products noticed online.

One of the most famous YouTubers in the UK is Zoe Sugg, or Zoella as she is known in the online world. With over 5 and a half million subscribers and easily 1 and a half million hits per video she has become an online celebrity and cemented herself into the YouTube Hall of Fame. From reviewing beauty products to doing baking videos, Zoella represents a number of large brands. However her most recent success was winning the Nickelodeon’s Teen Choice Award for the best UK vlogger.

Even brands such as BMW are trying to get in on the action – it isn’t just for the beauty products or fashion houses.

The rise of the vlogger/YouTuber really does highlight how consumers are moving further away from traditional media. They are seen as unbiased and provide trusted reviews and opinions on products, and really do have an engaged audience. Managed by ‘social talent’ agencies such as Gleam Futures, many of the Vloggers have teams around them helping them build their online image.

Vlogger relations are something that brands need to embrace. More and more brands understand the importance of being online and having a digital presence and both vlogger and blogger engagement is a great way to build up a strong engaging community.

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