Annual Spirit of Kinder trespass event

The anniversary of the 1932 Kinder Scout Great Trespass is to be marked with an annual ‘Spirit of Kinder’ day.

Last year saw the 80th anniversary of the trespass being marked by a successful series of commemorative events.

The Kinder & High Peak Advisory Group has announced that the first Spirit of Kinder Day will take place on April 27th, three days after the 81st anniversary

Many believe the freedom to go walking on the mountains in England and the creation of national parks came about because the access movement was galvanised by the trespass, particularly as there was much public sympathy for five trespassers jailed for riotous assembly.

Roly Smith, chair of Kinder 80, said: “The amount of interest in our event last year convinced us that we should have an annual event to keep this tremendous interest going.”

One of the five was the main trespass organiser Benny Rothman, who died in 2002. Last year saw a plaque being unveiled on the wall of his former home in Timperley, Greater Manchester.

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