Camping loses its buzz

A new survey suggests British youth is falling out of love with camping.

The results suggest that whilst adults continue to value the pleasures of camping, their children don’t like living without all their modern comforts.

Energy company, E.ON, commissioned the survey as part of a project being run in conjunction with the Scout Association aimed at developing a tent which incorporates the use of wind turbines and solar panels. Children and young adults aged up to the age of 18 were questioned about their attitudes to camping and many complained of not being able to charge their gadgets; almost half said they would enjoy the great outdoors more if they had access to a power point.

The reliance of many young people on being kept entertained, rather than providing it for themselves, was highlighted by the one in every four who complained of not being able to watch TV whilst camping and the 22% who were concerned about poor mobile reception in rural locations.

The research underlines the need for the Outdoor Industries Association’s new Britain on Foot campaign. It is vital to engage children in the pleasures of being outdoors at an early age so that they can enjoy a lifetime of activity away from the TV and computer screen.

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