Internship scheme to the outdoor industry

The OIA announced this week that it is partnering with Lancaster University Management School to promote their internship scheme to the outdoor industry.

As part of LUMS’s management courses, students have the option to spend a year in industry where they have both the chance to learn and experience real industry skills as well as bring some of their own knowledge and expertise to their host employer.

The OIA says this is an ideal opportunity to attract new talent to the outdoor industry, especially during these lean times, and it provides a great value for money solution for businesses.

A recent survey report by the Charted Institute of Personal Development (CIPD) showed that 69% of employers see internships as a good way to develop new talent in an industry sector, and 76% think they can be used as a way to test potential new staff.

Many students bring a range of skill with them including marketing and branding, HR, workflow management and organisational change.

Pelican MD Michael Bennett said: “These are all skills which the industry needs to master. Many of the smaller brands struggle with these business issues as they often rely on the passion of their staff for the outdoors, rather than solid business skills. Whilst passion is vital it can only take you so far, learning the necessary business skills can make the difference between success and failure.”

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