iPhone, Android & the health & fitness divide

Your phone choice can be the thing that influences your approach to fitness and getting outdoors, according to a new study.

iPhone users are typically more interested in general health, while the average Android user consumes more fitness content, according to research from mobile intelligence firm Opera Mediaworks.

The first half of a two-part study examined the 500 million monthly advert impressions served across more than 400 mobile sites and apps within the Health and Fitness category on the Opera Mediaworks platform. Opera defines health sites and applications as the sub-category focusing on medical and healthy lifestyle issues, while fitness sites are those catering to exercise interests or weight control.

Analysis of the data found that in general, health and fitness users are more likely to have an iPhone. However, iPhone users are more interested in health (with 62% consuming such content) than fitness (58%) while Android users consume more fitness content than health (39 vs 30%).

Canada, Australia and the UK took the top three spots for being the most inclined toward health and fitness content, as measured by the ratio of impressions to that category. Meanwhile, midweek (Tuesday and Wednesday) was found to be the peak period for health and fitness content consumption, with activity levels dying down on the weekend (Friday through Sunday).

The study also found that despite the content becoming more and more popular, currently only one in four health and fitness users are ‘regulars’. More than 50% of all smartphone owners use their device to learn about diet, exercise or other health and wellness topics, but only 22.5% of that group does so more than once per week.

Will Herman of specialist outdoor communications consultancy Pelican Communications commented: “This study is an interesting for brands looking to develop apps and mobile content. The choice of platform can have a significant influence on targeting the right audience.”

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