New OIA website is worth a visit

Across the pond the Outdoor Industry Association (OIA) has launched an impressive new website that’s worth a look.

What we really like about the new site is that it shares stories about the businesses, products, initiatives, best practices and consumer behaviours that affect the outdoor recreation industry in the USA.

The photo-heavy, content-rich site provides a fresh new take on the industry and eschews the traditional approach of press releases and announcements and champions stories and insights, creating a fresh new look and feel for the industry.

As the OIA said when they recently launched the site: ‘Although we often think of and classify ourselves within the narrow silos of manufacturers, retailers or service providers, we are all, first and foremost, outdoorspeople. It’s important to recognise where we fit in the broader industry. The best way to do that is with more vigorous and frequent conversations.’

At a time when our own OIA and the European Outdoor Group are making major strides in promoting the industry on this side of the pond, there may be something we can learn from our American cousins that will further strengthen our campaigns.

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