OIA releases CSR toolkit

The importance of corporate social responsibility (CSR) to the industry has been highlighted by America’s Outdoor Industry Association.

The trade association’s Sustainability Working Group has released the first of three installments of an updated Social Responsibility toolkit, designed to help companies to improve their social responsibility performance.

The first part of the toolkit addresses awareness and compliance. The second and third pieces, which could be released in the next year, cover improvement and aspirational levels of social responsibility practices and programs.

“It’s important to outdoor industry companies to promote and monitor safe and fair treatment of the workers who make our products, yet it can be challenging to figure out exactly how to go about implementing a program to achieve this,” said Mary Bean of Columbia Sportswear, a leader of the Social Responsibility Working Group .

“The toolkit was developed with the input of dozens of outdoor industry companies. It is an open-source working document designed to evolve with and respond to growing needs as the outdoor industry strives to improve its supply chain operations and management.”

Pelican’s specialist leisure PR and outdoor communications team said given this year’s tragedies in the Bangladeshi garment industry , anyone sourcing clothing from overseas has to be sensitive to the issue of CSR. We’re sure many people in the European industry will read the OIA’s toolkit with interest.

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