Over 65s swapping slippers for dumbbells

Many more over 65s are swapping the slippers for dumbbells according to new statistics from Nuffield Health.

The research reveals over 65s are the chain’s most active gym users. The not-for-profit wellness provider says that gym usage peaks at age 72 – when members typically rack up eight visits per month on average.

The findings, taken from data across Nuffield Health’s 75 UK gyms, highlight a desire from Britain’s ageing population to remain active well into their 80s. The research chimes with a Barclays recent report which found leisure providers could be missing out on £16bn in additional revenues each year by failing to adequately cater to the needs of over 65-year-olds.

“The sheer number of older gym users in our gyms speaks volumes about the desire of those in the UK to remain fit and healthy,” said Nuffield Health’s deputy medical director of wellbeing, Dr Aldric Ratajczak.

“The fact that our older members are using the facilities more often than any other is hugely encouraging. We know that regular exercise reduces the risk of memory decline, muscle loss and heart disease. In fact, exercise is the super pill we’ve been looking for to live happier and healthier through our later decades.”

Commenting on the findings Will Herman, head of Pelican’s leisure PR team said: “The research highlights the potential of marketing sports and leisure products to older people. Many sports and outdoor brands exclusively feature younger people in their marketing communications, canny brand owners need to consider how they are going to maximise the sales potential of an increasingly active older generation.”

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