Outdoor recreation is the UK’s favourite pastime according to a new report from the Sport and Recreation Alliance.

According to the ‘Reconomics’ report outdoor recreation:

  • Is the UK’s favourite pastime: three in four adults in England regularly get active outdoors.
  • Drives the visitor economy: people spending their day enjoying outdoor recreation spent £21 billion in 2012/13 – and when you factor in overnight visits this comes to £27 billion.
  • Creates jobs and skills: walking tourism alone supports up to 245,500 full-time equivalent jobs.
  • Promotes a healthy nation: outdoor recreation can make a significant contribution to tackling the £10 billion cost of physical inactivity.

The report brings together all the existing information, research and evidence relating to the impact of outdoor recreation and provides a compelling case to politicians of the true value of outdoor recreation.

A full copy of the Reconomics report can be downloaded from the SRA website.In addition, a short animated summary of the report’s key figures is available to view here.

Michael Bennett of specialist leisure and outdoor PR communications consultancy Pelican said: “The true value of this report is that it brings together so many different sources of information and makes a powerful case for investment in the infrastructure and services that make outdoor participation possible.”

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