Britain running out of steam

Despite the nation going crazy for sport the last few weeks, more than half of us can’t even run 100 meters.

New research by YouGov for Slimming World reveals that as a nation we remain woefully unfit.

The survey has found that nearly half of adults in the UK (45%) believe it would be difficult or impossible to run 100 metres without stopping. The online survey of 2,065 people which asked about people’s weight, eating habits and fitness levels, was conducted to mark the start of Slimming World’s ‘Miles for Smiles’ activity programme to encourage people to become more active while raising money for the NSPCC at the same time.

The survey found that women are almost twice as likely as men to be brought out in a cold sweat by the idea of running 100 metres, with 56% of women believing it would be difficult or impossible to run the distance compared to 31% of men.

When it was announced that the Olympics were to be held in London it was hoped that it would leave a legacy of a more active Britain, but the survey revealed that three out of four people (75%) in the UK never take part in competitive activity and more than half (55 %) never take part in non-competitive activity either.

In contrast, six out of 10 men (59%) enjoy watching sport on TV at least once-a-week, with that figure likely to have risen during the Olympic season.

“These findings show how daunting the idea of physical activity can be for the many of us who lead completely sedentary lives,” says Carolyn Pallister, Slimming World’s public health manager.

Clearly our Olympic legacy has to do more to inspire people to get into sport.

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