Good news for the sector as a new survey reveals that two-thirds of Brits plan to holiday at home this summer.

The research by budget hotel operator Travelodge has revealed that almost two thirds (65%) of us will be enjoying staycations, spending our summer holiday on home turf this year, offering a potential boost to the outdoor sports and leisure sectors.

The survey of 3,000 British adults found that despite last summer’s bad weather, the majority were not looking to go abroad to sunnier climes this year. Instead, there was a 24% rise in the number looking to save money and remain in the UK for their annual break with a predicted boost of £12bn to the economy.

However, while seaside resorts have benefited from the trend for staycations in previous years, Travelodge’s fifth annual travel report shows that holidaymakers’ habits may have been changed by the weather with city breaks becoming the most popular choice. London and Edinburgh are this year’s top two destinations, replacing Cornwall and The Lake District in 2012.

The survey found that the average trip would cost £399.28 per person this year with holidaymakers from Wolverhampton, Liverpool and Cardiff likely to splash out the most on their holidays.

However, just over a fifth said they would wait until May to book their holiday due to money constraints.

Forty-two per cent of ‘staycationers’ are planning a week’s holiday in the UK this summer while 15% will take two weeks and 33% will split their holidays over three shorter breaks to visit different locations.

Staycation trends:

  • City Break (31%)
  • Rural / Countryside break (27%)
  • Seaside(22%)
  • Visiting family (18%)
  • Visiting an historic site (15%)

Top staycation destinations for 2013:

  • London
  • Edinburgh
  • Lake District
  • Cornwall
  • Scottish Highlands
  • Dorset
  • Devon
  • North Wales
  • Blackpool
  • York

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