UK tourism spends up £9bn

Tourism expenditure in the UK increased by £9bn during 2012 – a 6.9% jump from £125bn to £134bn.

According to the Tourism Alliance’s 2013 Tourism Statistics Review, the £9bn increase was sufficient to generate 180,000 new jobs for the UK economy – over one third of all additional jobs generated in the UK last year.

Speaking at the launch of the report at the Houses of Parliament in mid-March Tourism Alliance chair Michael Hirst said: “This strong increase in tourism expenditure comes despite the disruption in tourism flows associated with hosting the Olympics and the fact that 2012 was the second wettest year on record.

“The overwhelming success of hosting the Olympics and the likelihood of a better summer this year means that tourism expenditure in 2013 should produce another record year.
However, Hirst highlighted the fact that despite the strong growth in spend, the World Economic Form recently produced a report that places the UK 138th of 140 countries worldwide in terms or tourism-related taxation.

“If we are to continue to provide government with growth, then the government needs to reduce tourism-related taxation,” he added.

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