US participation in outdoor sports stable

Research from America shows that participation in outdoor sports has remained remarkably stable despite tough economic conditions.

According to The Outdoor Foundation’s top-line report, the rate of participation in outdoor recreation in the United States remained solid in 2010 and at the same level seen in 2008.

The research shows significant increases in adventure sports such as kayaking, backcountry camping and climbing as well as slight increases in youth participation among 13-24-year-olds.

Youth participation grew the fastest in kayaking (sea/touring), up 51.9%, cycling (BMX) up 48.8% and triathlon 39.5%. Participation in adventure racing rose 19.5%.

Among adults (25+), fishing remained the most popular outdoor activity with 30.9 million participants, followed by running, jogging and trail running with 30.0 million and camping (car, backyard and RV) of 25.0 million.

Where the US leads the UK often follows so these figures could also herald positive news for the UK.

Published annually by The Outdoor Foundation, the 2011 Outdoor Recreation Participation Top-line Report 2011 is derived from 40,000 online interviews conducted in January 2011/early February 2011.

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