Drink-and-go wine

Following last month’s report that the first wines packaged in Tetra Pak cartons were due to hit UK supermarkets, we were intrigued by the latest wine packaging innovations from the USA.

American company Stacked Wines has introduced a portable four-pack format for wine made from a stemware-like PET container. The firm says its product is now available for sale in the US? largest independent fine wine retailer Total Wines & More. Stacked Wine is a bottle of wine separated into four stemless wine containers made from plastic. Each glass contains 187ml of wine and a four-pack has the same volume, 750ml, as a traditional bottle of wine.

Each single-serve container is sealed with a foil top to maintain the freshness of the quality of the wine inside, according to the firm.

Whatever the future holds for wine packaging, one thing’s for sure – there’s going to be a lot more innovation from the packaging industry.

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