Packaging makes food taste better

Well-designed packaging makes food taste better according to recent research with shoppers.

A taste test on chocolate chip cookies conducted by consumer group Which? found that packaging had a measurable impact on taste perceptions.

The research is further proof, if it were needed, of the power of packaging to influence brand perceptions.

Which? asked two groups of people to taste and rate the chocolate chip cookies from the premium, standard and budget ranges available at Asda, Sainsbury’s and Tesco. One group was given the cookies with their packaging and one group tasted the cookies without.

The group that saw the packaging rated all the cookies significantly higher overall, and, crucially, for taste. Both groups ranked the cookies in order of price based on taste and appearance alone, but our test suggests that the packaging made all the cookies seem tastier.

Which? also concluded that packaging designed to imply a superior product tries to engage consumers’ senses. It usually has a matte rather than shiny finish, or a mixture of textures, and embossing is also common. Luxury products also often feature clear windows, so you can see the product inside to evoke a sense that the product has nothing to hide.

The consumer group also suggested that some budget range products may even be designed to put shoppers off, so they’ll choose a pricier alternative instead. An interesting view but not one which the Pelican PR packaging team believes has much credence.

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