Dawn of a new ice age: exclusive Pelican event

In 2018, Birds Eye experienced its most successful growth in over 20 years, driven by the execution of excellent marketing strategy. Winning numerous marketing awards, along the way, including Relaunch Strategy of the Year. 

Pelican has teamed-up with the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s Food Drink and Agriculture Group, to organise an evening with Birds Eye managing director Wayne Hudson on 5 Feb at Oulton Hall near Wakefield.

Email us now to attend the evening.

Wayne will explain how the company has driven the implementation of an ambitious change in marketing strategy, which has dramatically turned around the performance of the brand over the last two years after a decade of decline.

Birds Eye, one of the most iconic brands in frozen food, has been a firm family favourite ever since Clarence Birdseye patented the ‘quick freezing’ process in 1922.

But by the 2000s the image of the frozen food industry had taken a dive as innovation stalled and consumers turned to what were perceived to be superior chilled and fresh options.

However, attitudes have thawed as consumers have woken-up to the convenience, reduced food waste and  preservative-free benefits frozen offers. In fact, the UK now spends £5.4bn a year on frozen food according to Nielsen.

The Birds Eye brand team has been in the vanguard of this change in attitudes to frozen food with initiatives such as the handsome new Captain Birds Eye, pictured.