British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association appoints Pelican Communications

BAMA, the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association, has appointed specialist packaging agency, Pelican Communications, to assist in handling its communications programme.

Established in 1961, BAMA represents the aerosol industry for all areas of the supply chain, from suppliers of components and ingredients to aerosol fillers, marketers of aerosol products and logistic companies. The Association offers a range of business support, a portfolio of events and training courses as well as technical advice and lobbying industry views to legislators and regulators.

Pelican’s specialist packaging communications team will help BAMA to promote the aerosol packaging format, safety standards and good manufacturing practice. Activity will also be designed to present the industry’s view to legislators, the media and key opinion formers, and drive membership of the association.

Patrick Heskins, BAMA chief executive, said: “I am delighted to welcome Pelican Communications as a partner in our drive to secure continued growth in the aerosol sector. The 2016 figures recently released confirm that the sector has continued to thrive despite challenging market conditions – to maintain growth it is essential manufacturers, brands and consumers recognise the integrity, versatility and high quality of the aerosol packaging format.

“Working with Pelican Communications will help BAMA to ensure aerosols remain the packaging format of choice in core sectors such as personal care and become more widely adopted for other applications in the medical and veterinary sectors for instance, where there is significant scope for growth.”

Will Herman, associate director at Pelican Communications, said: “BAMA is an internationally respected trade association with a proven track record whose members range from the smallest of SMEs to the largest multi-nationals. Pelican’s extensive experience of handling trade association campaigns in the UK and Europe makes BAMA an excellent fit within our client base.

“Pelican will support BAMA by raising awareness of the work the association undertakes and the services it offers to members, promoting innovation and the sustainable development of the aerosol industry.”

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