What we do

More and more of your customers want to make positive choices about the brands they buy and informed decisions when they dispose of ‘stuff’. With food and recycling both having arguably the greatest impact on the environment and public health, these are two areas that mean the most to them.

Businesses that best communicate what they’re doing for the good of all will be the ones that prosper. It’s safe to say that your green credentials have never meant so much to so many. And why they need to be effectively communicated so that customers know they’re making the right choices to help them do their bit for the planet.

That’s where we come in. We create and deliver communications campaigns that drive positive changes.

Communications strategy

We believe that without a clear strategy everybody gets lost. So, we develop a communications strategy first. We work to a proven methodology: ‘The Pelican Path’ which ensures that the campaign we create and deliver is directly aligned with the strategy.

Campaign activation

We create campaigns that resonate with your engage customers and stakeholders quickly and effectively. Whether that’s through delivering digital and social content, effective media relations, or engaging your people to support your mission. We’ll also your website and SEO are working together for the same goal.

Measuring results

Whether it’s web hits, column inches, increased recycling rates or improved sales, we’ll agree KPIs with you at the start of the campaign. We measure and evaluate the effectiveness of our work and embed what we learn to build bigger and better campaigns.


Our team

Working nationally and internationally, our team is made up of marketing and public relations professionals, former journalists, social media specialists, team development consultants and graphic designers. Each is an expert in their field, who over the course of their careers have advised many leading organisations. As sustainability specialists, we understand that it’s vital that businesses deliver a sustainable ‘circular’ future. And just as importantly, let consumers and stakeholders know they’re doing it.

Award winning work

The quality of our campaigns is widely recognised

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