Dozers Dental Chews

Creating a brand and package designs for a newcomer on the pet scene 

The challenge:

Dozers is an American brand of dental chews for dogs that focuses on creating high quality and all natural treats that fight gum disease and bad breath. As a brand-new product, the identity development began from a blank canvas. With no pre-existing brand collateral, we had to build from the ground up, creating a logo, brand guidelines, exhibition stands, packaging, and a web presence.


Pet shop owners, supermarkets, and individual dog owners.

What we did:

  • Reviewed competitors’ products to see what could be improved
  • Created a complete brand design including a brand mascot which could be integrated into the logo.
  • Designed user-friendly packaging, easily readable for older people who are often dog owners
  • Used bold colours to differentiate products, once a customer knows what colour matches their dogs size, repeat buying requires no reading at all
  • Included a clear panel so the customer can see the actual product
  • Established an overall look and feel for the brand that’s clean and uncongested which sets Dozers apart from competitors on the shelf.


The design has helped ensure that Dozers is now available across all 50 states and can be found in mega stores such as Walmart and Home Goods. Individually wrapped bones are also available through Bark Box, a leading monthly subscription box. Worldwide shipping is planned for the near future. The packaging is a constant topic amongst purchasers and has been widely praised for how it stands out on the shelf.