Appetite for frozen foodBackground
Research had established that since the late 1990s, frozen food had begun to be seen as the poor alternative to fresh.

Whilst an ardent consumer demographic – female, C1-C2-D, aged 45+ – has continued to buy frozen, younger more affluent family shoppers – female, aspirational B-C1-C2, 30-45 – were avoiding the frozen aisle.

Industry body British Frozen Food Federation (BFFF) briefed Pelican to take its consumer campaign to the next level in order to:

• Overcome misconceptions about frozen quality and highlight the nutritional benefits of frozen food in family cooking
• Raise awareness of the better value, reduced waste and convenience of frozen
• Attract more family cooks to frozen food
• Normalise frozen food as part of everyday cooking
• Boost the number of visitors to the BFFF consumer website
• Increase positive consumer food media coverage about frozen food.

We recognised that with changing shopping habits we needed to ensure that frozen food was seen to be moving with the times, and that meant going digital.

We had already completed a relaunch of the BFFF consumer website as Cool Cookery, but we wanted to go further so we developed and launched the Cool Cookery app.

The app brings together nutritional and quick recipes on-the-go ready for whenever busy shoppers can fit in their shopping trips. As more and more people in the UK use smartphones, the demand for instant information is constantly increasing.

BFFF chief executive, Brian Young said: “Busy lifestyles mean that mums are looking for fast and convenient ways to offer nutritional meals to their families without spending a fortune. Frozen food allows shoppers to buy bulk pre-prepared meals and ingredients. As well as being the ultimate convenience food, research shows that frozen food is as effective in providing family nutrition as fresh. We’ve launched the Cool Cookery app to help support busy parents and help them to access simple but nutritional meal ideas at the touch of the button.”

Brilliant Results

Our app and the wider campaign has not only transformed the image of frozen food it has actively driven sales.

Frozen critic Jamie Oliver is now an ardent fan and has recommended using frozen ingredients in his Channel 4 TV programme Jamie’s Money Saving Meals.
The market is now worth almost £5.75bn. Frozen meat and poultry has also reported notable volume and value growth, 3.1% and 3.4% yoy respectively.
Industry Awards:
CIPR PRide Awards Silver Award for Corporate & Business Communications
Grocer Gold Awards finalist for Campaign of the Year