Vodafone PreviewChallenge

Vodafone wanted to set up their first Pay as You Talk call centre in Birmingham. The building had been bought and furnished and had a matter of months in which to be up and running with knowledgeable and well trained staff.


Vodafone knew of Cheryl’s reputation over previous assignments as an energetic and results focused consultant.  As another company failed to source candidates for interview we were Cheryl was asked to manage the whole recruitment process from start to finish.


Two bespoke assessment centres were created and implemented; one for call centre managers and one for team leaders. Cheryl designed and delivered an assessor training day to train in-house managers to co-deliver the assessment centre and therefore ensure Vodafone’s ownership of the process and the transfer of skills.

Up to 20 candidates per day were put through assessment centres over several weeks. All selected candidates were provided with a personal development report based on the selection process to feed into the development programme.

Brilliant results

With four managers and over 70 team leaders in place, the call centre was opened on schedule. Cheryl was then asked by the new call centre manager to provide team development for him and his four managers.

Following the failure of another company to provide strong management development training Cheryl was invited back again to provide management development for all supervisory staff in the format of several two day modules on areas such as ‘leadership skills’, ‘communication skills’ and ‘performance management’.

“Cheryl complements her impressive toolkit of learning, personal development, coaching and consulting skills with a pragmatism, innovation and a larger-than-life approach. This ensures that not only does she deliver results, but she makes the process of getting there enjoyable too.”
Chris Matthews business change manager – Vodafone UK