Chalcroft Construction has significant experience in sustainable construction, including the refurbishment of food factories, designed to minimise environmental impact, improve efficiency and reduce operating costs. The projects which Chalcroft Construction undertakes range from simple refurbishment and extensions, to full design and build schemes throughout the UK.

The collective expertise of the company includes clean room construction, warehouse construction and refurbishment, temperature controlled facilities and cold store construction, distribution centres and retail and commercial schemes. Greater collaboration between suppliers including designers and architects as well as construction firms has long been cited by Chalcroft Construction as a key factor in delivering the best outcome for its customers.

Chalcroft Construction quickly established that greater collaboration and earlier engagement was the most effective way in which the business could differentiate itself and add value. The challenge was that typically, only in the later stages of commissioning a new warehouse, food factory or distribution centre, would the business in question meet with those who would build it. Awareness of the value a construction firm could add, earlier in the process, has always been limited.


In addition, despite rising awareness of environmental issues, all too often sustainability is considered too late in the day to maximise either the reduction in emissions, energy use or to deliver the significant financial savings that are possible.

To tackle this challenge, a three-pronged marketing communications campaign was devised, aimed at decision makers in the target markets, key opinion influencers and other stakeholders. The media relations campaign targeted the food, warehousing and distribution business media specifically with a series of ‘thought leadership’ articles, culminating in a white paper – Turning Food Green – which quantified the savings the food industry could make by adopting green construction methods specifically.

Additional content in the form of press releases issued to trade and local media, newsletters, blogs and social media posts all reinforced Chalcroft Construction’s key messages, devised at the start of the campaign and against which the success of all published content was measured.

Brilliant results
Between April 2013 and March 2014, more than 100 pieces of media coverage were recorded across a range of business publications, positioning the company as an industry leader committed to delivering high quality construction projects designed to improve environmental performance and deliver long term savings.

Each item of coverage recorded, included one or more of Chalcroft Construction’s key messages, thereby not only raising the company’s profile among decision makers in its target markets but highlighting Chalcroft Construction’s proposition and USP.

Between April 2013 and March 2014, more than 100 pieces of media coverage were recorded across a range of business publications.