In May 2012 WRG and Fosca Services, two separate but jointly owned waste management and recycling business were merged to form FCC Environment, the UK’s fifth largest resource management business.

Whilst the merger was long planned, employee research in the run-up to the launch of the new business showed that the company’s 2,500 staff did not understand which company they worked for and only 58% said they understood the group’s strategy.

In conjunction with FCC’s internal communications team, Pelican set out ensure all employees were clear about FCC Environment’s mission, its vision and values and their role in ensuring the long-term success of the new business.

We organised development workshops for a cross-section of employees to assess what FCC Environment’s vision and values should be. These were supported by statements and behaviours from staff and finalised into a set of values applicable across the business.

With a diverse staff across many sites with varying access to IT facilities, the launch of the new company was communicated internally using a variety of formats. Employees at every site were welcomed with a special pack on launch day to introduce the new brand including the vision and values. A weekly e-newsletter called Getting to the Point was introduced for 1,000 employees with email access and Chevron, anew bi-monthly magazine delivered to sites and hosted online, was designed to appeal to those in the organisation who are less likely to have IT access.

Brilliant results
The newsletter has open rates of over 60% and Chevron’s success is demonstrated by the number of staff suggesting stories as they feel a sense of ownership. An employee survey in 2013 revealed that 74% now understand the organisation’s aims and objectives just one year after the rebrand.

Achieved Bronze at The Fresh Awards for ‘Internal Communications’