CE Electric PreviewChallenge

As part of its journey into privatisation, the former Yorkshire Electricity underwent a programme of organisational change. Cheryl of Pelican was chosen to help design and deliver vital elements of the change programme.


Following the creation of company values and behaviours, an induction workshop for all new recruits was designed and delivered. This was quickly followed by a 360 degree feedback process, which enabled analysis and feedback to be provided to middle and first line managers across the whole organisation over several years.


The outcomes of the 360 feedback process revealed a strong need for management development.  Again Cheryl designed and delivered a full development programme which began with development centres to identify individual needs and was followed with a series of bespoke two-day management training modules for all middle managers.

Brilliant results

Both the induction workshop and the 360 degree feedback interviews promoted change in individual and company behaviour in line with the new company values.

The success of the management development suite was such that we were asked to cascade down to the next level of managers across the organisation. 

As our reputation for assessment and development expertise grew within the organisation, we provided team development and personal coaching at middle manager level with a recruitment processes for both internal and external candidates for the Asset Management and Operations departments.

Ten years later following its transition into CE Electric and then Northern Powergrid Pelican was asked back in a variety of roles including personal coaching at director level, the creation of management development training and recruitment processes.

“Cheryl is refreshingly direct, which coupled with her perceptiveness and experience of the world of business, makes her an excellent consultant to have in your corner”
Phil Jones President of Northern Powergrid.