With sales of glass packaging falling in the face of competition from cheap plastic, glass manufacturers asked Pelican to halt the slide.

We needed to give glass ‘ownable’ brand values and a vehicle through which to communicate them. So we created Glasspac, a marketing platform to convince brand owners and packaging designers that consumers prefer glass and that switching to plastic would damage their sales.

Our through-the-line campaign consisted of market research to confirm consumer preference for glass, a series of award-winning trade press advertisements and bespoke direct mail to some of Europe’s top brand owners and packaging designers. was created as a campaign hub. We also created the Shine Awards to engage up-and-coming designers and recognise the very best in glass packaging design.

Brilliant Results
The Glasspac brand rapidly established itself in the minds of our target audiences and the ‘Brands Shine in Glass’ proposition gave glass makers a powerful and defendable USP. Customer research measured a positive shift in attitudes to glass packaging, helping the industry defend its market share.