Grabits, the 100% chicken snack, was seen as the ‘white van man’s’ snack, mainly due to it being primarily available in service stations. The brand wanted to reposition itself as a healthy on-the go snack targeting on-the-go workers and families and in turn increasing brand awareness and driving sales.

We used a mix of traditional and digital tactics to get our key messages out to the media and our target audience. We launched a media relations campaign to target key women’s and health titles, allowing them to trial the product and see its quality, while focusing on its health qualities. We also targeted a number of local and national radio shows with a bespoke gift package of Grabits samples, encouraging them to try the product and mention it on air or social media.

We designed and built a consumer facing website for Grabits, as well as social media pages for Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We identified a key audience in followers of the Slimming World diet, as the Grabits sticks are ‘syn free’. We then populated these online platforms with a range of content that would be engaging and useful to this audience including blogs, eCards, serving suggestions, swap and save ideas as well as sharing user based content. We ran regular competitions to win the Grabits range and engaged with the community through sharing user-produced content and getting involved in relevant conversations.

Brilliant results
In the eight months since launching the Grabits website, it has seen 5,500 unique users visit the site, with a total of 16,000 page views, with social media channels reaching a combined total of 5,500 followers.

Pieces of coverage were generated in key trade titles such as The Grocer, positioning Grabits as the authoritative voice on meat snacking, while consumer coverage was generated in key national titles and health and fitness titles such as The Sunday Mirror, The Daily Mail, Daily Star Sunday, Pick Me Up, Healthy Diet, Woman: Diet Special and online parenting site My Baba, creating almost two million opportunities to see.

Since launching, the website has received a total of 16,000 page views
Coverage generated in key trade and consumer titles, creating almost 2 million opportunities to see