Background Iceland Radio Day

When leading grocery retailer Iceland was voted number one in The Sunday Times 100 Best Companies to Work For, they approached Pelican to help them shout it from the rooftops.

While the win was a great accolade, a stronger news hook was needed to generate wider national coverage and the Pelican FMCG communications team set about building a campaign that would allow the business to promote its victory.


Thinking along the lines of the best place to work must be a great place to shop, Pelican developed a research project to see if there was a correlation between the perceived happiness of employees and the level of service given. Polling over 2,000 food shoppers, we uncovered what they loved and loathed about supermarkets and if employee attitudes featured. Enlisting the help of Pelican?s organisational change and people development specialist, Cheryl Bennett, we analysed the findings to determine whether happy staff really did make for happy customers.

Along with unearthing a list of bug-bears such as winding checkout queues and difficult to locate items, the survey showed that the majority of people felt that surly service was a real issue and that people who felt happier in their jobs would perform better.

With Nick Canning, the head of people development at Iceland, available for interview along with Cheryl, we created a campaign of live radio interviews to talk about shoppers pet-peeves and how happier staff gave better service – the perfect platform for Iceland to promote their recent win as the top company to work for.

Brilliant Results

A radio day was held and 25 stations featured live and pre-recorded interviews with Nick and Cheryl discussing the survey results. This resulted in 1,923,000 opportunities to hear and gave Iceland the opportunity not only to mention their award win, but to also promote their supermarkets nation-wide. No doubt store footfall and job applications increased!

Radio day was broadcast across 25 stations and featured live and pre-recorded interviews with Nick & Cheryl.
The day generated 1,923,000 opportunities to hear and gave Iceland the opportunity to mention their award win.