For trade confederation British Glass we went back to the classroom to launch
GlassWorks, a free education resource to promote glass recycling to school children.

Having successfully launched the resource to the education press we set aboutgetting it onto teachers’ desks. Copies were sent to local authority recycling officers,who were encouraged to pass it on to teachers.

With GlassWorks established as a useful learning resource we recommended bringingthe learning experience to life through the characters featured on the web site – Billy Bottle and Jenny Jar. So we created a Glass Recycling Road Show to tour the UK’s primary schools supported by Billy and Jenny mascots. The road show unit carried computers running Glass Works and plenty of free leaflets, badges and balloons to excite kids about glass recycling.

Brilliant Results
The launch saw 20,000 copies of GlassWorks distributed to schools around the country. The Road Show also proved popular with over 15,000 children visiting theunit in just one year. Visits to the web site doubled as a result. Campaign research showed 90 per cent of local authorities said GlassWorks had increased awareness of glass recycling. And 80 per cent of teachers said that they would recommend GlassWorks to colleagues because of the benefits for children.