British GlassChallenge

The chairman of the Public Affairs Committee of British Glass wanted to improve the performance and image of one of its key members. Pelican was approached through recommendation to identify areas for development and prepare the manager concerned for increased responsibilities and raised profile.


An occupational personality questionnaire, a bespoke 360o questionnaire and an in-depth analysis and feedback session were carried out to identify areas for development and agree specific outcomes to be achieved. 


Personal coaching sessions lasting three to four hours were carried out monthly at first and then every six to eight weeks over the course of 12 months.

Sessions included NLP techniques and hypnosis to identify and change unuseful beliefs and behaviours which were limiting individual potential.

Technical skill areas such as presentation skills and meeting management were developed using video feedback and workplace shadowing. Image was addressed through personal shopping and wardrobe advice as well as professional make-up lessons.

A second 360o questionnaire was used to assess improvements.

Brilliant results

Within six months, definite improvements across the identified areas were seen by a cross section of contacts.  This was supported by the results of the 360o feedback process which included internal and external contacts as well as manager feedback and self-perception.

Other barriers to development were identified, including ineffective working practices within the organisation and unclear role and responsibilities.  These were fed back and acted upon by senior management.