CSfD (Computer Systems for Distribution) offers a range of integrated IT and software solutions for the wholesale, distribution and logistics marketplace.

The company decided to rebrand its core software product under the new title QNETEX, a name chosen to communicate the excellence of their order processing and inventory management solutions. Pelican was asked to create a new logo and usage guidelines.

Having created several design options, our design team focussed on the Q and X as the strongest typographical and recognisable elements of the brand name. The logo was crafted making sure the letterforms are all distinctly recognisable since the name is unusual. This not only allowed us to develop a strong image, but in turn allowed us to create a combined QX brand icon suitable for use on apps and other media.

The use of a vibrant blue, combined with a gradation to turquoise for the Q gives the logo a modern feel which allows the Q to catch the eye, contrasting against the CSfD core brand orange. The blue Q evokes the feeling of a computer power button, fitting well in the tech industry and adding clarity. The use of grey ties in with the business’s existing brand, which has operated for over 25 years.

Brilliant Result
The outcome is a bright and modern logo design that moves the image of the company forward. The rollout of the brand is proceeding as elements of the marketing collateral are redesigned in line with the brand guidelines created by the Pelican team.

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