To drive down carbon emissions in Yorkshire and Humber, and increase recycling and the use of recycled products in organisations in the region, Yorkshire Forward created and funded Recycling Action Yorkshire, RAY.  A two year programme, RAY was made up of a managing director and six project managers.


As the first steps in new direction for the Regional Development Agency it was vital that the project managers had a good working relationship and excellent project management and consulting skills as well as being specialists in environmental issues. 


Pelican was selected through a tendering process to design and deliver a personal development programme for the RAY team to ensure increased personal effectiveness, which would contribute toward the success of the programme.

An assessment day was designed and delivered to identify the areas of development for both the team and individuals. Feedback was provided on the by peers as well as the facilitators.

A personal development plan was created for each participant and a suite of training workshops was designed to meet the identified areas of development. All members of the team were provided with one to one coaching to support and add impetus to the outputs of the training workshops.

Brilliant Results

Each personal development plan constantly evolved as some outcomes were reached and others added. All candidates including the MD saw improvements in their working style, business achievements and the culture of the organisation.

Pelican was retained over many years to provide ongoing recruitment and training services as the organisation grew to 20+ and was renamed CO2sense Yorkshire.

“Pelican provides the equivalent of a business and personal effectiveness workout – every sinew is stretched, every joint cracked, every muscle pummelled. Somehow at the end, you and your organisation will be focused, confident and effective.”  
Andy Hartley former Operations Director CO2sense Yorkshire.