Whitby & Co.

Showing some love to the planet with Klean Kanteen 

The challenge:

Whitby & Co., the UK distributers of Klean Kanteen, commissioned us to create Valentines themed, visually interesting imagery for social media and a gift guide. The challenge in this was that the Klean Kanteen doesn’t easily fit into the traditional idea of a Valentine’s gift.


Followers of the outdoor sector, retailers looking to promote environmentally friendly, re-usable products

What we did:

  • Now, more than ever, people are conscious of plastic waste, plastic water bottles being a large part of that. Therefore, instead of taking a traditional Valentine’s day stance we decided to use “love the planet” as the message to promote this eco-friendly product.
  • The image that we created uses bold bright colours to give the unmistakable flavour of Valentine’s day spirit but with the addition of a short, snappy ‘love poem’ to promote the product as environmentally friendly.
  • The image presents the popular product as youthful and modern.