Bühler is a specialist technology partner for plant, equipment and related services, for the processing of basic foods and the manufacture of high-grade materials such as optical sorting equipment. We were appointed to help the global company build its profile in a range of international food manufacturing markets.

The first step was to understand the vast media landscape covering the areas in which the company operates. Reviewing the media and undertaking an international media audit enabled us to benchmark knowledge and begin the process of formulating a detailed tactical plan which would form the media relations campaign over the following months.

With this knowledge, we could then set to work crafting materials in a number of languages highlighting Buhler’s knowledge of the issues facing manufacturers in different markets and subtly introducing Buhler’s solutions.

Brilliant Results

We organised media events at key trade shows for some of the key technologies Buhler was promoting which led to meetings and media coverage from the top 20 global food manufacturing titles.