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We took a simple guide to handling ice in bars and restaurants and hooked-up with a key drinks industry influencer to create a suite of exciting and engaging video and blog content that communicated Gamko’s market-leading expertise.

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Gamko designs, manufactures and supplies a range of drinks cooling solutions to bars and restaurants.

They approached us for help to position themselves as the experts for anyone making and serving drinks. Gamko asked us to design and produce a downloadable Drinks Temperature Guide explaining the best temperatures to serve different beverages and how good temperature and ice management helps maximise customers’ enjoyment of the drink they order.

The ultimate purpose of the guide was to boost the brand profile for Gamko and generate real engagement with potential customers. So, we proposed that rather than creating a one-off guide, the document should be the touchstone content for a wider campaign.

The Pelican approach

The first step was to research the ideal serving and storage temperature for a variety of drinks – sadly more of an academic than practical process! The written content included an introduction to the guide by Pritesh Mody, founder of World of Zing and a leading flavour expert who frequently appears on Channel Sunday Brunch.

The content was then placed in the capable hands of the Pelican design team, who transformed it into a downloadable and printable, double-sided leaflet. It was cleverly designed to be folded down to A5 size, handy for bar staff to keep in their pockets, or unfolded to reveal an eye-catching A4 poster that can be displayed behind the bar.

To support the launch of the guide, we teamed-up with Pritesh Mody, who starred in a 3-minute video about the importance of serving drinks at the right temperature. The Pelican team sourced and secured a venue for filming which had a relaxed and contemporary feel, but crucially, uses Gamko equipment.

Rather than create a fixed script for Pritesh, the team provided a set of questions that were used as a guide to create a relaxed conversational-style interview. The direction was for Pritesh to talk to the team out-of-shot rather than directly into the camera to prevent the content feeling like a lecture.

While the video was in post-production, the Pelican team set to work on a series of engaging and shareable blog posts to inspire, inform and further position Gamko as the drinks temperature experts.

Titles included: ‘Christmas drinks your customers will love – mulled gin, anyone?’, ‘6 of the hottest drinks trends you need to know about for 2020’, ‘Why chilled port and warm sherry taste so good – the science of temperature and flavour’ and ‘Is your alcohol-free offering up to scratch?’

The result

The drinks temperature guide, video and blog content were all made available on the Gamko website and shared on its social media channels. This has driven engagement with end-users and decision-makers, including bar and restaurant owners, foodservice outlet managers, caterers and leisure facility managers, plus bar staff making the all important drinks.

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