Marsh PreviewChallenge

As part of a structured approach to succession planning, Pelican’s Cheryl Bennett was asked to design an assessment process to identify ‘high potential employees’ in all areas of Marsh UK both in London and its regional bases.


The planning committee wanted to create kudos for the process as something employees should aspire to be included in as well as using it as a tool to help get the right people in the right places.


A two day development centre was designed. Senior managers from the planning committee were then trained to act as assessors as part of the employee assessment process to create kudos and maintain their ownership and commitment.

The development centre was rolled out to around 70 employees identified as ‘high performing’ by their managers.

Feedback was provided to all individuals in the format of both a written report and a two hour session with an assessor.

Brilliant results

A ‘league table’ of top performers was extrapolated from the results. As well as personal development areas, three areas of competence were identified as in need of development across the whole group. A three year development programme was created to prepare selected ‘high performers’ for succession opportunities and further improve performance across the organisation. 

The programme included training workshops, senior manager shadowing opportunities, monitored continuous personal development, personal coaching and was linked to the graduate recruitment process via a mentoring scheme.

The programme was taken in-house under the management of HR, renamed the Accelerated Leadership Programme and was rolled out across Europe.

“The Marsh board nor the candidates had any previous experience of running with such programmes.  Cheryl helped us stay focused and overcome political barriers, whilst delivering a professional and effective programme, on time and on budget!”
John Hurrell CEO at Airmic (former Chief Executive Marsh Risk Consulting)