Food industry reduces waste

The food and drink industry has made significant steps in reducing supply chain and packaging waste, according to new figures.

Results released by WRAP (Waste Resource Action Programme) show that Food and Drink Federation signatories have delivered significant progress over the second year of Phase 2 of WRAP’s Courtauld Commitment. The results show there has been a decrease of 8.8% in supply chain product and packaging waste against a 5% target compared to 2009. The results also highlight that over the same two year period, there has been an 8.2% reduction in the carbon impact of packaging against a 10% target.

FDF director of sustainability, Andrew Kuyk said: “These results are good news for FDF members and their suppliers, particularly at a time when there are a whole host of global pressures on business to deliver resource efficiency savings and decouple environmental impacts from the economic growth we so urgently need.”

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