A need to promote the benefits of dairy products

A third of consumers say they are confused about health issues surrounding dairy products. According to the YouGov Dairy Report more needs to be done to actively promote benefits of dairy products.

The report highlights that almost a third (32%) of consumers try to restrict their dairy intake because of the high fat content; and just under a quarter (24%) say they lower their dairy consumption because of its impacts on cholesterol levels.

There does seem to be some confusion regarding how ‘good for you’ dairy products are. There is variation across the different foodstuffs, with 14% of consumers disagreeing with the statement that dairy products are natural and therefore not bad for them.

However the research also shows that generally, attitudes towards dairy products are positive. Just over three quarters (76%) say that dairy products are good for children. Additionally, almost seven in 10 (69%) believe that dairy products are versatile, a nod towards their use in cooking, as snacks and as ingredients.

The dairy market also appears untouched by the recent health scares that have tainted the food and drink sector. 61% of consumers say that current health scares do not affect their intake of dairy; only 12% say it has.

Pelican’s senior consultant Rachel Ferguson commented: “The report suggests that the dairy industry does need to communicate with consumers in an effective way in regards to health benefits.

“The dairy industry is in a strong position within the food sector and it will be interesting to see how they tackle health scares in the future.”

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