8 content creation tips every comms-ninja needs to know

‘Content is king’, ‘Content is key to a good communications strategy’ ‘visit our website for hidden content’, all phrases you are likely to have heard before. But before we dive into Pelican Communications’ eight tips for content creation, let’s start off with the obvious question: just what is content?

Content is the generic term used to cover anything you upload to a digital or social media platform. It can range from traditional copy to video and audio. Basically any type of message that provides relevant insights or entertainment can be used to create content. The aim of providing content is to attract and acquire your target audience and drive up your Google ranking.

Below are eight valuable tips on how to go about creating this vital content.

  1. Brainstorm in a group

Ideas feed off ideas. A group brainstorming session is a great way to unlock ideas and connect the dots between the collective group.

And remember, there’s no such thing as a bad idea, in fact sometimes it’s best to begin with brainstorming the worst possible idea to get the creative juices flowing.

For instance, look at how Paddy Power arrived on the idea of Paul Scholes as being their guest-blogger and voice for the World Cup. This led to a number of news features on sites such Sky Sports, BBC and ESPN all covering what Scholes said as Paddy Power’s voice of the World Cup.

  1. Plan Ahead

Unless you are a social media butterfly or don’t suffer from writers block, there are going to be times when you are short of ideas or simply don’t have enough time. Scheduling blog posts, Facebook posts and using tools such as Hootesuite help maintain a constant flow of content from your client or brand.

  1. Google and YouTube search

Match your content to what people are looking for by simply typing a few questions or search terms into Google or YouTube, the video sharing website will tell you how many views a clip has received which is a good indication of popularity.

If for example, you are a denim brand, your searches may reveal that customers are looking for jeans specific for their body type. Also that denim jackets and denim shorts are high on people’s wish list. Creating fit guide videos for these items is a good way to match your content to customers’ needs.

  1. Check the trends

Who took advantage of the Suarez bite in the World Cup this summer? Companies such as Snickers, Nandos and Specsavers were quick to react and add to the conversation with real-time content marketing. However, moments like this only last a short time. If you look at the Harlem Shake craze from early 2013, unless your company jumps into it straight away, it becomes just another in a long-line of similar videos or content.

  1. Interactive content

Buzzfeed are the kings of sharable content. Their quiz-style articles helped double overall visits to the Buzzfeed website, they allow the reader to answer a series of questions to find out things such as ‘which character from Grease’ they are or ‘What city should I actually live in?’ They may be trivial but the two mentioned quizzes received almost 3,000 shares between them.  Competitions are another excellent way of providing interactive and sharable content that has the possibility of referral traffic and a higher audience reach.

  1. Digestible information

With so many articles and features being created every day, people are browsing at a quicker rate. By providing content in a format that is easy to digest people are more likely to pay attention to your message. Q and A’s, lists and infographics are all solid ways to hold people’s attention.

  1. Video

Video provides an almost limitless number of possibilities, although not everyone will have the confidence to stand in front of the camera. Video offers a chance to go ‘behind the scenes’, produce product videos create montages of a series of photos.

  1. Analyse

Most importantly of all, analyse. Find out how much traffic is being generated to your site from each piece of content. How much is the optimum amount to invest in boosting a Facebook post? What type of content produces the most shares? Compare previous successful posts with ones that haven’t quite achieved your aims and then refine your activity in future campaigns.

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