6 reasons every marketer needs to utilise blogs

Does your marketing team currently utilise the power of blogs in developing your digital communications strategy? If not, why?

Pelican Communications has benefitted immensely from deploying a regular stream of blog content, as have our clients.

Blogging has developed immensely since the early days of writing personal entry logs – or web logs (the two words that blog was abbreviated from).

So much so, that the development of fashion blogs and vloggers now mean certain blogs can command a higher readership than media giants such as Vogue and GQ.

But it is company and corporate blogs that we are going to focus on here. In this post, communications consultant Saul Bush talks you through six strong reasons a business needs to utilise the power of blogging regularly.

  1. SEO – Having a regularly updated blog helps immensely with page ranking. Factors such as frequency of posts, relevance of posts and having keyword rich text allows your company’s website to get on Google’s radar and move higher up their list. Regular blog content also allows you to focus on improving the performance of particular keywords.
  1. Share information – At Pelican we have two sections to our blog: ‘The Knowledge’ (which you are currently on) and ‘The Pelican Blog’. We use the Pelican Blog to discuss developments in our four specialist market sectors, communications news and the latest company goings on. Whereas on The Knowledge, we like to share research studies, white papers and ‘How-Tos’ on everything from ‘How to Write a Press release’ to ‘Tips for building a powerful brand’.
  1. Calls to action (CTA) – You can use your company’s blog to help guide the reader’s journey. If you have a piece of research, a white paper, or an infographic you want to share you can provide a link at the end of your post. If you are aiming to increase your following on social media, finish your piece by providing links to your Twitter or YouTube page.
  1. Social media – You have a Twitter stream, a Google + account, maybe even a Facebook page. As such, you want as much high quality content to share on your various channels. Rather than sharing links from other websites, having regular blog content allows you to direct your followers back to your website and to get your voice out there.
  1. Team – A company blog gives everyone on the team a chance to contribute towards the voice of the company. At Pelican we give every team member the opportunity to contribute to our blog, or to discuss a particular news piece that has interested them, such as ‘Adventure matters‘, by Pelican associate director Will Herman.
  1. Learn / develop – In order to discuss events and trends from your industry you are forced to keep your finger on the pulse on the latest developments. Furthermore, before drafting each blog post a certain amount of research needs to be carried out to ensure all the facts and figures are straight. This research and consumption of news enables you to learn, develop and become a voice of authority in your industry.

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