Top Tips for being seen on social media

A recent survey by Kantar TNS revealed that 40% of Brits actively ignore social media content from brands. We look at ways to make your brand one of those they are happy to engage with…

Social-Media-2Social media is one of the best ways of getting your brand out to a potentially huge audience and sharing your messages with them, so if consumers are actively shutting brands out, surely this means game over for brands?

We say no. As a brand on social media, it is definitely possible to get successful engagement through social media and have consumers actively wanting to receive your content, you just have to do it right. Here’s our top tips:

Don’t hound
The survey states that 34% of those asked feel ‘constantly followed’ by brands online. Obviously with cookies and targeted ads, this is unavoidable to some extent, but you can control this with your posted content.

Often brands feel pressure to post X times a day or week, but why? Your audience wants quality content. If you’re clogging up their news feed for no reason, they’re just going to switch off. Don’t post for the sake of it. If you have nothing relevant to say, don’t say anything at all, your followers will appreciate it and you’re more likely to gain a loyal following.

Work for your audience
The first mistake brands often make when putting out content is saying what they want to say. Think instead about what your audience want to hear. This might mean creating content that’s not directly relevant to your brand, but is relevant to the audience you want to reach. Giving them something they’re interested in will make them more likely to listen to what you have to say, later on.  A brand that does this really well is innocent.

Know their channels
An emerging tool that’s working really well for brands right now is sponsored SnapChat filters With over 100 million active users daily, SnapChat holds a firm place in the lives of many. Brands such as Starbucks and Cadbury have tapped into this trend by purchasing limited edition filters that get their audience engaged. The key to tactics like this is timeliness. All of the sponsored filters so far have been available around the launch or promotion of a product, covering both bases of what you want to say and what your audience wants to hear. Find out where your audience are and devise a strategy to get in there too.

Influencers are key
The study also found that 40% of 16-24 year olds say they trust what people say online over ‘official’ sources such as the brand’s own websites or adverts. Word of mouth is still number one for recommendations. If you can engage a portion of your audience enough to independently share or review your page/products, you’re definitely on to a winner.

Creating a successful social media strategy is much like producing and effective media relations campaign .You need a good knowledge of your audience, well thought out, quality content and a strategic approach.

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